Saturday, February 13, 2016

Great Week!

We had a great week! Our week did start out with a sick little girl but she recovered quickly and only missed one day of school. Daddy spoiled her all day on Monday! 

We got snow this week! But it didn't stick! It snowed a lot while at school! 

We of course went outside and played in it for a few minutes! 

I was so excited to receive these pictures...J's twin girls got to wear the onesies that I made them! SOO cute! :) 

The Mr. had a pizza night for school so we joined him! The kiddos loved watching the workers make the pizza! 

Since Valentines falls on the weekend this year we celebrated on Thursday! 

This is what I made for the kids to put their Valentines in! 

One of my Valentine gifts from a student....LOVE!!! 

Here is what Emma Kate and Olivia took to school for their Valentines! 

One of the super yummy and very easy dinners I made this week....whole wheat noodles, chicken, buffalo sauce and a sprinkle of cheese! YUM! 

Now to enjoy a long weekend! :) 

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