Friday, February 26, 2016

Week Wrap Up!

We had a great end of our week! 

I'm starting to see some toning in different places in my body! WHOOP! 

This boy. O my goodness, I could eat him up! He is SO sweet! 

Chocolate Rice Cakes. SUPER. YUMMY. SNACK! 

Do you spy a dog? Lucy girl is ready for them to drop anything! 

I usually am the one to put the girls to bed...but I needed a night off of it last week so I asked the Mr. to put them to bed. Well, it took longer then usual so they ended up being apart of my workout! ha! Still working out and not letting things(or my babies!) get in the way! 

Best. Friends. Forever!

Thursday afternoon the kids were a little too crazy so once we got them eating dinner I ran upstairs to change, go to the bathroom in peace and doing about 10 minutes of work! WHOOP! Love that my second job can be done whenever I have a crack of time in the day! :) 

We are ready for the weekend!!

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