Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Day 2016!

Valentines Day 2016!
Shakeo for breakfast! 

The kids LOVED opening their cards from GMama and Pa! 

Stickers and dollars! :) 

We knew we were going to evening service so I got the kids dressed and loaded them up to go to the grocery store. The Mr. got to sleep until noon...

My cuties in their Valentine shirts! 

And this boy! O my goodness he makes my heart skip a beat! 

The kiddos were SO good in Kroger! TJH was the list holder and he loved putting stuff in the cart! 

I waited until after nap time to put our their Valentines so that the Mr. could see them open their cards and gifts! 

We headed to evening church service and small group. 

Nothing too special or different but it was a good Valentines Day! 

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