Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Maybe?

This weekend's weather was to die for!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

We spent a lot of it outside!

I love picking up my babies everyday but Friday is my favorite! They are always so excited and I am too...two WHOLE days together!!! And they love getting their suckers from school on Friday afternoons! :) 

Our Friday night was low favorite! We ate, played and had fun! After the kids went to bed I worked out and then started watching Fuller House! I was A HUGE fan of Full House a little girl so I was pretty excited about this! I was super impressed with the first two episodes! 

This boy is TOO big! 

Saturday I got up really and headed to my school for a 5K! 

It was SO cold but super fun!

5 of my sweet students!! 

TJH had t-ball practice and then we had our neighbors over for lunch! 

Then I hit the grocery store and got my car washed! 

Saturday night we had J and M over for Saturday Night Scandal Night!! WHOOP! The kiddos love when they come over!! We played outside, had a yummy dinner and then we played my new Scandal game I got from one of my teammates for our Valentine exchange! And then of course watched Scandal! 

She cracks me up!!!

The girls loved having M read their bedtime stories!

TJH got to stay up and roll the dice for us!! :) 

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then came home! The Mr. took the kids out to play while I meal prepped for the week! 
Sunday was also a special day! It's Nana's birthday and 3 years ago on February 28th we found out we were having twins! I do believe that Nana and God got together on that one! :) So blessed to have these sweet girls! 

Silly kids! :) 

LOVING this weather!

I got a run in and some outside work time while everyone took naps(including the Mr!)!

What a wonderful weekend! I can feel Spring in the air! And boy, I can't wait for more memories to be made with  my sweet babies!

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