Saturday, March 28, 2015

Well visits and cookies!

Tuesday the girls had their 18 month well visit. Doc visits are never fun with these two girls but we make it work! The girls are super healthy and developmentally right on track!

Emma Kate: 24lbs 5oz (70%tile) 31.5 inches
Olivia: 23lbs 8oz (65%tile) 31.5 inches
This is the first time that EK has ever weighted more than Owie! :) 

After the doc we went to Publix so I could pick up a few groceries. And of course we stopped to get the free kids cookie! They loved it! 

Then we went and picked up Tucker from school! These three are so fun and always being silly together!

So thankful for them! And I'm so thankful that the girls are healthy and right on track! They won't go back until they are 2...WHAT? That's crazy talk! :) 

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