Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Break 2015

My Spring Break was this past week! It stinks that the Mr. doesn't have his Spring Break until April but me and the kiddos still made the best of it! Here's what we did Monday-Friday!

Monday, I took the kiddos to school for a bit so I could go get lots of errands done without them...errands aren't fun for them. I got the oil changed, vacuumed & cleaned my car, and did some things at home too. 
Tucker's been asking for sunglasses so I picked up some for him! He LOVES them! 

We went for a short walk when we got home on Monday. 

Crazy hair in the bathtub! 

Tuesday, I went to my good friends new house...she moved back in December and I haven't had a chance to go see it. Her house is beautiful and she explained all of our projects she is going to do. So fun! Then we went to lunch and walked around the beautiful town she lives in! We even toured one of the older homes! What a fun afternoon!

Then I went and picked up the kids and met one of my other good friends and her son for ice cream! YUM!

Tucker went potty on the potty Tuesday night so he got his Jake prize! He was SO proud! 

Wednesday we headed to PTC! The kids were SO excited! Tucker had been counting down the days!

Didn't take us long to go on a golf cart adventure! 

The girls helping carrying in the groceries!

Thursday started out with a big breakfast and play time at G and Pa's!

Bacon, boats and coffee with Pa!

Then we met up with Honey(my mom) and Aunt LK for lunch! 

EK had a very hard time sleeping at G and Pa's...usually she is fine...but we think it was a combination of me being home with them this week and not being in her own bed...we didn't sleep much at night and she only took short naps. 

Copying Pa...eating peanut butter off of a spoon! 

And the girls enjoyed some of Pa's popcorn!

Then we loaded up and went to the park and to visit Great Grandma!

Friday was super cold and rainy...we played inside in the morning. And then mid morning we loaded the kids up and went to the gym. We put the kids in the child watch and we did Zumba! SO fun!


Mama got the girls "Katie" outfits! :) 

Mama watched the kiddos Friday afternoon so I could go get my hair cut...more on that later! :) 

Tucker loved the shark towel! ha! :)

We had a great week off! Spring Break always makes me want summer to come quick. Just 9 more school weeks! WHOOP!

Happy Spring Break 2015!

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