Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pick Me Ups in Life!

As much as we wanted some snow we are SO ready for warm weather! Well, we got just what we've wanted yesterday. The Mr. and I both talked about how our students at school were so good because of the warm weather. It's amazing what beautiful weather does to your mood! When I picked up our kiddos from school we decided to fed them a quick dinner at home and head to the park! It was just what our little (BIG) family needed! :) We headed to our favorite local park and the kiddos ran and played. All five of us had smiles on our faces! I loved watching my three babies enjoy each other and us all being together. One of the best parts of our evening was when he Mr. took a detour and took us through DQ! He ordered 3 kid cones with sprinkles! YUM! 

Olivia's face when she dropped her cone. 

It was the perfect little pick me up in our week! 
It's the simple things in life y'all!

I hope your week has started off as wonderful as ours has! :)

P.S. The kiddos DID NOT eat an entire cone of ice-cream! We are fun parents but not crazy! ha! 

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