Monday, March 9, 2015

Sister Bears 18 Month Update_EK&O

Goodness, I cannot believe our little girls are 18 months old! This age is so much fun! I remember it being a blast with TJH...the girls are double the fun!

EK&O tid bits:
-They look for one another as soon as they wake up from sleeping.
-If you ask where "sister" or "sister bear" is they look for one another.
-Playing together happens a lot but they also don't mind playing solo or with TJH.
-Their blankies are a necessity for sleeping, riding in the car for long amounts of time and for taking to school for nap time!
-They  aren't a fan of sharing food...they need their own snacks.
-Bathtime is a blast for both...Olivia has gotten better with all of EK's splashing. 
-They both can say Tucker's name and it's pretty cute when they yell for him across the room.

Emma Kate:
Weight: will update in a couple of weeks
Height:  will update in a couple of weeks
-LOVES to run and clap and dance! Her teachers at school say she's very active at school too! :)
-Is so sneaky about throwing food off of her tray that she doesn't like. The pups love her for it!
-This girl is in love with getting dressed and putting shoes on! She doesn't fight at all when it's time to get dressed! And she also loves all of the dress up things we have at home!
-Still sleeps with her blankie over her head! 

Weight: will update in a couple of weeks
Height:  will update in a couple of weeks
-Sings all the time...own little songs. :)
-Really loves to repeat everything we say and most words she's pretty good at repeating!
-Swacks like a bird if Lucy or Ethel try to get her snack!
-This girl could eat all day long...she is always asking for food! :)
-Finally getting some hair...we have to keep it pinned back because it's starting to get into her eyes.

Clothes: 18 months-24 months
Size of Diaper: Size 5
Daily Routine:  Wake up: 5:45...bottle. Get ready for school. School at 6:30. Breakfast at 7, snack at 9, Lunch at 11:30...Nap at 11:45-2pm...snack at 3. Pick up from school around 3:45...snack on the way home. Dinner at 4:30. Bottle at 5...bed by 5:15pm. 

Girls, we love you so very much! You have made twin life SO much fun! We love watching you two together and apart. We love that you are so different but SO close. We hope we get to watch you grow very very old. And we hope that you will soon know the love of Jesus and accept Him into your heart! Emma Kate and Olivia Cay, you are the sweetest, most loving, funniest, most precious girls we know. We love you two to the moon and back a million trillion times!! 


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