Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend wasn't exciting at all but it's okay. The kiddos came down with an awful cough, running nose and fevers for EK and TJH Friday afternoon/evening. So, we wanted them to rest and recover for the next week. Sleep was on and off Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Playing at home in PJs is what we did a lot of. 

We did miss a birthday party on Saturday that we were sad about missing. Just didn't want to take sick kiddos to a party and get other kiddos sick. 

Sunday we stayed home and then we had visitors! My sisters and C came over!

The girls hair is getting so long! :) 

Lucy and Ethel wanted a picture! They are so precious!

Tucker and I made some chocolate chip cookies and the Mr. made a yummy beef and broccoli dish! 

Ek and Dall took a little rest!

The Mr. and TJH played with some new Legos...we hadn't opened them yet because he got them at Christmas and we waited and it was so great! :) 

Low key but good weekend!

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