Monday, March 30, 2015

Cold Saturday!

We were supposed to have another yard sale on Saturday...but it was 34 degrees at 7am! Umm  no thank you! And we knew not many people would be out with it being that cold. We decided to wait until a warmer weekend...even though that's why we were doing it this weekend but o well!

We played at home the whole day and I ran a few errands here and there. The kiddos loved being at home! We had asked K to help with the yard sale and since we didn't do it we felt so bad. But she did hang out with us most of the day and we fed her some yummy food! :)

The Mr. got his Easter chocolate bunny early because we are starting some clean eating this coming week...well Olivia got a hold of it and LOVED it! :) 

We made Jello Jigglers with the kids in Easter egg molds. :)

Tucker was sitting on the couch with me doing this doodle book and I looked down and he had his crayon behind his ear. :) 

It was a good cold Saturday in late March!

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