Sunday, March 15, 2015


I've been wanting some change with my hair for awhile. It's been long for a long time and it's kind of boring...I just wear it straight and down. I was in need of a GOOD hair cut...not the Great Clips kind of cut. 

I asked my MIL where she got her hair cut in PTC...I knew I would be there for a few days and I wanted to get it down before going back to work. I called and got an appointment where she goes. And she was so sweet to watch the kids while I went and got it cut.

So here are the before pictures:

The girl that cut my hair was so sweet and took her time making sure it was perfect! She took off 9 inches!! And she thinned it out a lot...I've never had that done before and I love it! She did it a little shorter in the back so it wouldn't lay funny with the short cut and then she put some layers in towards the front. I told her I did NOT want a mom cut...I wanted it shorter but didn't want it to look "mom-ish". 

I'm SO going back to her again!! 

Not let's hope I can style it as good as she did! :) 

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