Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 So What Wednesdays! 
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Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:

So What If ...
  • I finally signed up for the DD perks app so that I can start saving for my frequent coffee and donut runs! :)
  • I'm SO surprised with the weather this week...I thought it was going to rain everyday...not so much! Loving it!
  • You may have no idea how you've impacted someone many years is my 4 year old preschool teachers birthday and her daughter posted about it. I took it upon myself to tell her how her Mom impacted my life so long ago! :) 
  • I'm enjoying Spring Break but now I'm counting down until summer vacation! WHOOP! 9 more school weeks!
  • I started watching Parenthood a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it. It's such a great show...I know I'm like 4 years behind but now I can just watch it and not have to wait! :)
  • Tucker has been asking for sunglasses and I got him some this week and he's the CUTEST thing ever when he has them on! :)

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