Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Wonderful Weekend!

Friday night kicked off Spring Break for me! I couldn't be more excited about the extra time with my sweet babies and all the fun stuff we have planned for the week!

Friday night we did our normal thing...dinner, little playtime, bath and then bedtime. But at bath time the kiddos had a blast!!! 
Tucker was getting EK's nose and she thought it was hilarious! I videoed just to get their laughs...

What a fun bath time! :) 

Saturday we had two showings on our house! WHOOP! So we had to get ready for that and get the kids out by 9am...and we did it! :) 

EK putting out her bottom lip for chapstick! ha!

The girls wished Aunt LK a very happy 20th birthday! :) 

Then we headed to the library to check out some new books! 

Then we headed to the Athens Kids Expo...we went last year and had a blast so we wanted to go again this year! Last year was more fun, but we still had a blast this year!! 

Olivia wasn't scared of the big dressed up characters...Emma Kate was little standoffish. 

So excited about their balloons! 

We watched a puppet show and heard books from the librarian! 

The Mr. and TJH built a boat at the Home Depot station! 

Then we went home for lunch...the kiddos fell asleep in the car so we did drive around for about 30 min. But we knew we wouldn't be able to transfer them so we prepared ourselves for a quick nap day! ha! 

We played at home for awhile and then we headed to the park! The weather was just perfect! 

M and the pups joined us too! 

What a fun Saturday we had! 

Sunday was a bit more laid back...we slept late kind of because of the time change. I also took the girls 18 month's so hard to get good pictures of the two of them.

We ended the day with dinner outside with the best neighbors ever!

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