Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Soccer Buddies

A good friend of mine told me about Soccer Buddies and said that we had to do it! :) She said it was a parent/child class that she had done two years prior with her son. She is always great at knowing the PERECT activities/programs that are out there in our town.   I told the Mr. about it and said it sounded like a perfect things for TJH.  G and Pa asked us what Tucker wanted for his birthday and I knew exactly what would be the most perfect thing...Soccer Buddies! So fast forward a few weeks....yesterday was the first day of Soccer Buddies and can we say CUTE!?! 

We were so excited because G and Pa were both able to come watch TJH!

The class ranges from ages 2-4...so with TJH just being two he would do some of the activities great and others he wasn't too interested in. :) He did like kicking the ball, eating his snack, drinking water and he found little buddy to get chased by. He did A LOT of people watching too. :) 

We all came the first day because we were all so excited! The girls came too! EK LOVED watching everyone and she was kicking away. Olivia wanted to be held by me which I loved but I wasn't able to get many great photos. 

My sweet friend who told us about Soccer Buddies! :) And her son E! I'm not sure why I'm standing so weird but I love this pic. 

TJH had a blast with his G on the field! I'm so glad that G and Pa were able to see him in action on  the field! :) (Thank you G and Pa for the awesome gift!) 

If this the beginning of watching TJH so things he loves and makes him happy we are so excited! Seeing his face light up as he ran around was awesome! 

We are looking forward to the next weeks of seeing him have a blast doing Soccer Buddies!

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