Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We went back home for Easter this year. It was a wonderful weekend with family! We are so blessed that our children have so many loving family members that just adore them.

Sunday morning we went to G and Pa's church. TJH went to nursery with his cousin A and did great! The girls hung out in their stroller in the service with us. They took a little nap during the sermon and were just perfect! EK got a little excited during the last prayer so we had to go out. ha! 

This boy ADORES his GMama! 

Goodness, I am so blessed to have this family!

The H's! Just missing Pa! 

After church the kids took naps and we loaded up he car. We headed to my Aunt's house for the annual egg hunt and lunch! This was Tucker's first time(last year we were in SC for Easter) and he did great!

The girls were spoiled with lots of love and hugs!

Love being with all of my sisters!

The Mr. getting love from D's dog Emmett! 

It was a beautiful day and such a wonderful reminder of Jesus's love for us. 
Happy Easter yall! 

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