Monday, April 28, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 33

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

This was the last week of Daddy being away and having family stay with us. GMama kept you girls this week! 

You girls are loving lunch and dinner time! :) We may add another meal soon. 

Emma Kate you have mastered saying Dada! :) It's pretty cute and when Daddy got home on Tuesday you were saying his name so loud until he came and talked/loved on you! 

You two enjoy playing with each other and passing toys back and forth.

You girls love the blue raspberry teething toys! So much that you girls usually try to have both at the same time...we are working on sharing. :)

You girls love all the new toys that GMama gave you girls for Easter.

You girls received a lot of love from G and E because it was their last week with you girls. 

You girls pretty much think that Tucker is the BEST thing in the entire world!!

You girls were teething pretty bad this week. Slight fevers included. 

But you girls were still filled with smiles and giggles!

We were so sad to see GMama go...we are SO thankful for her. You girls just adore her!

The weather has been so nice and we were able to play outside which you girls loved.

Saturday we went to T's 1st birthday party! You girls had a blast and were so good!

We didn't go to church on Sunday because both of you girls had fevers. We are almost 99% sure it's from teething but we wanted you girls to rest and be comfy at home. 

Daddy sliced some apples for you ladies and you LOVED it! 

And Daddy had made Tucker and Mommy waffles for breakfast so he froze some for you girls to chew on. YUM!

Big news this week! We moved you girls into your OWN room Saturday/Sunday. You slept in there for first time on Saturday night. O, you were a little nervous about it and woke up a couple of times. But other than that we think you girls like having your own room. :)

Mommy made you girls some baby food...but you girls DID NOT like it! O well! 

You girls are so good and like to play and watch Mommy work out. :)

What a wonderful week! Full of changes...but good ones! :) 

We are so thankful for you two beauties! We love you so very much!


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