Monday, April 7, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 30

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

What a beautiful week! Spring has arrived and the weather was so pretty this week!

We started the week off outside! You girls went to Tucker's first Soccer Buddies practice. EK, you kicked and squealed the whole time. :)

G kept you girls this week and you just love her so very much!

You girls are back to sleeping through the entire night...sickness is over! YAY 

Tuesday while G and Mommy went to Zumba Daddy kept you all three! You are still loving butternut squash.

Livi, you roll everywhere! We had to start putting pillows up against the fireplace so you won't roll into it. We will put you in the middle of the room and within minutes you are rolling to the other side of the room. :)

On Wednesday you girls started sweet potatoes and liked them a lot! But I would have to say the butternut squash has been the top pick! :)

Friday afternoon when we got home you girls were so excited! 

Olivia, you LOVE to touch've done it since you were very little. You also have started to give open mouth's so sweet!

Friday nights are Mommy's favorites! We always have so much fun at home! We did a group bath and y'all loved playing with your big brother!

EK, you didn't want to go to bed Friday stayed up late!

Saturday was a big day for Mommy and Daddy. Mommy ran her first 5K since have you girls! And Daddy took his certification test! Both of us did great and we still had plenty of playtime and snuggles with you two!

Olivia you started to sit really well towards the end of the week and was sitting alone on Saturday. EK, you started to get stronger and really did well on Sunday!

Owie, you love giving kisses! :)

We introduced "puffs" to you girls on Saturday. :)

Mommy got to lay down with you O on Saturday for a few minutes. 

Sunday was great! We rested, read and visited with Grandma R and Grandpa!

Tucker helped to play you girls while I put your clothes away and tidied up.

Sunday you girls both sat for long periods of time. 

What a wonderful week...I know I say it every week but life with you girls is just the best! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much! Can't believe our sweet girls are sitters now! 

We love you girls so much!

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