Monday, April 14, 2014

EKH and OCH Week 31

Dear EK and O,

You girls are getting so big! You turned 7 months old this week! We need you girls to slow down on the growing! :) 

Monday was so fun! Mommy took the day off of work and played at home with you girls and your brother all day. It rained all day so we played inside and watched Frozen! You girls were so good all day! You two are pretty much on the same schedule and stayed that way all week. 

Owie, you are big roller! I was feeding EK and put you in the middle of the room and you rolled all the way to the kitchen. Of course I stopped feeding sissy to come get you. :)

Early morning play time is one of Mommy's favorites. 

You two love Tucker John so much! 

It's really fun to see you girls play with the same toys. :) 

M kept you girls this week! She was so sweet to take her Spring Break to come watch you girls! EK, you've always really had a bond with M because when you were very colic and very unhappy she would walk over and Mommy would hand you off to her and she would get you calm. You always smile SO big when M comes over! :) We are SO blessed to have such wonderful friends(neighbors too) that are so  invested in you girls and TJH's life! 

You girls have really started to enjoy playing with TJH's toys and watching him play. 

You girls turned 7 months old this week! 

You girls just love M! She sent Mommy the cutest pics of you girls!

"Uncle J" came by before he left for his weekend trip to say good bye to M and you girls!

J and M's doggies are family too...and Flik is the BEST! M said she walked away to change Olivia's diaper and Flik laid up against you Emma Kate to you wouldn't fall over!

Friday we had some friends over that are from PTC. 

Mommy loves this picture! It's pretty tricky to get a picture with all three of you looking and smiling!

Saturday  morning we started our tradition back up again...Farmers Market on Saturday mornings! The W's met us there and we strolled and played. 

You girls are really starting to entertain each will talk and squeal and laugh at each other now. Also on Saturday afternoon you two passed a passy back and forth for about 5 would get it in their hands and then the other would grab it. No one got upset but I'm sure that will happen soon enough. 

Later on Saturday we went to L's 3rd birthday party! You girls loved watching all the kids jump and play. 

And the D twins were there too!

A year ago on Saturday was the day we found out you two were girls!!! :)

EK, you love your brother so much that you even let him drive trains on your head! :)

Sunday morning was nice...I got some time with just you sweet EK! :)

Then we got ready for church! You all three wore your real Hawaiian gear from G and Pa!

What a wonderful week! You girls are just full of personality! You make us laugh so much! We love you girls so very much and are so thankful that we get to spend our days taking care of you two!

I love you sweet girls!

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