Monday, April 21, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 32

Dear EK and O,

You girls made us smile a lot this week!

GMama kept you girls this week while Daddy finished up his last week of student teaching and Mommy worked. You girls sure do love your GMama! :)

EK, you are the BEST eater. You love anything we offer you, even peas now! :) You gobble up your breakfast and dinner every day. 

Both of you girls do real belly laughs at's the BEST sound in the world! 

Owie, you have been a little difficult in the sleeping department this week. We think it has to do with your teeth or the bad diaper rash you had for a couple of days this week. A couple of nights have been tough getting you down to sleep. And 3 nights this week you woke up at 3am and didn't want your passy or to be wanted to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Mommy used to be VERY against this, but you're the baby and Mommy needs her sleep. :) 

You girls just love passing toys back and forth to each other. And EK, as soon as you see your sister close by you smile SO big. 

Owie, you took a baking soda bath and laid in the sun for a little bit because you had such bad diaper rash this week. It helped a lot and cleared up quick. 

You girls don't really mind each other being in your personal space!

Friday when Mommy got home you both wanted me at the same time and both were fussy because of teething. But as soon as I got both of you in my lap you are good! 

We headed to G and Pa's house for Easter weekend! You girls loved playing with your cousin A. And she LOVED helping and playing with you girls!

G gave you girls your Easter baskets on Saturday and you LOVED playing with all your new toys!

G kept you girls while we took your big brother TJH on a golf cart ride. 

EK, you just LOVE your Daddy! :) 

Sunday we headed to church and you girls did excellent! 

Then we headed to Aunt J's for Easter lunch and an egg hunt!

You girls had a wonderful first Easter! :)

What a fun and special week! You girls are so social and love to be around family and friends!

We love you so very much precious girls!

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