Monday, May 26, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 37

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

You girls have had a great week!

Olivia you officially started crawling this week! :) You love being able to get around and explore. 

Playing with TJH is a favorite pastime of you girls! You both laugh so hard at him when he's running around the house playing. 

 O, Tuck calls you Rollie Pollie Owie! We think it's precious! 

EK, you are just happy sitting and playing. 

Tuck took these photos of you two girls while Mommy prepared your dinner. :)

You girls had yogurt for the first time this week and really love it! You also love Cheerios! Ethel likes staying close by when you girls eat to see if she can get any left overs!

Daddy tried on TJH's old sun glasses and you looked SO cute O!

You three are SO much fun! We love to play upstairs in your room and in Tucker's room in the afternoon! This gives Mommy a chance to fold laundry, put clothes away and play at the same time!

Grandma R gave you girls these  cute oniese! 

You two are always laughing at each other! 

Mommy finished up work this week so it's officially summer!! 

Olivia, you had just woken up and weren't ready to play yet! ha!

Daddy hooked your toy onto Lucy and you girls thought it was so funny! 

Aunt Cee came for a quick visit on Thursday afternoon! You girls loved seeing her!

You two have always slept in separate cribs but you still manage to sleep close to each other. :) 

Olivia, you prefer to give yourself your bottle. And EK, you prefer to have you bottle given to you! :)

First day of Summer with Mommy at home!

We went for a morning walk before it got too hot!

We got you girls cups! EK, you aren't too sure about them. Olivia, you LOVE chewing on them! 

Daddy at ALL three of you while coming down the stair! Can't see you O, but you're there!

Now that you're crawling Olivia you LOVE to go explore Tucker's toys! He's so sweet and shares them with you!

Early morning bottles!

Of course we went to the Farmers Market on Saturday!

Cute little booty!

Sunday we headed to the pool! It was the FIRST time you girls had been in the pool! You both weren't big fans of being in the water, but you liked sitting and watching! 

With our sweet friends C, L and O!

You girls LOVE bath time and usually are laughing the entire time! 

Mommy is SO glad to be home with you two sweet girls! I just know this will be an amazing summer!

I love you two girls SO very much!

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