Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Mr. Graduates!

The Mr. graduated on Thursday with his masters in education from UGA! Whoop!

Tucker has been sick on and off for the past week. Wednesday night it got really bad. Thankfully we were able to get an early appointment on Thursday morning before all the fun started. I took him to the doc and found out he had a double ear infection and pink eye. We decided that I would stay home with the babies while the Mr. and his parents went to his graduation. We didn't want our babysitter to get pink eye. :( But it worked out perfect...I stayed home with the kiddos and then later in the evening I was able to enjoy a nice dinner without kiddos. M came over after I had gotten the girls to bed and played with Tuck and put him to bed for us. 

Playing before going to graduation! 

Our handsome graduate! 

Enjoying a nice dinner out! 

After a very yummy dinner! 

So glad my Dad and R could be there to celebrate too! 

Happy Graduation Mr.! We are so proud of you! 

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