Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 So What Wednesday
 So What Wednesdays! 
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Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:
So What If ...
  • I'm SO happy we have 7 days of school left! WHOOP!!!!
  • I'm so excited that the Mr. graduates tomorrow! Can I get another WHOOP?!?!
  • Took some time off of Insanity because of being sick...but I'm back on the Insanity horse! 
  • I'm SO over this head cold thing I have. I want to be able to breathe and taste my food again!
  • I love how interactive the girls are with each other...even getting upset when the other takes a's so cute!
  •  Tucker says "Shake your booty" and it's so darn cute!
  • I'm going to miss my students...they are a super smart/challenging class. And some of them are so funny!
  • I'm excited today is my "Friday"!

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