Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A students loss

Some of you may know about the awful tragedy that occurred in our town last week. It really affected me and my school because 5 children(our students) lost their father. 

We had very high winds last Wednesday morning. Pedro was on his way to work and a tree fell right on top of his van. He was killed instantly. He left behind a wonderful wife, and 5 amazing kids, and a new house(that they hand't finished fixing up) that they had just saved for years for. 

What was even more hard is that all of us teachers would know for hours before the children were told. We kept them calm and believing it was a normal day until their mother could come tell them. 
I taught one of the precious girls two years ago. And I've worked with the only son throughout the years here at our school. This family is precious and so sweet.

This just tore my heart apart because I can't imagine losing my husband and the father of my children. I can't imagine losing a parent. I just can't imagine any of this pain and what this sweet family was going through.

What amazed me was my school family. We all came together and were a solid rock for this family during the first few hours and days of this tragedy. Many of us went that evening to a ceremony in their neighborhood where the event took place. And the next day many of us attended the viewing and or the funeral. But even more than attending the events the people I work with LOVED on these children. Prayed and held their hands.

My community  has amazed me too. Almost $10,000 has been raised for this family! I know this is all been possible because of God. He's laid this family on so many peoples hearts.

This article is a beautiful description and explanation of what happened.

Please continue to pray for this family. We are hoping as a school and community to be able to finish the house that they bought so that Rufina and her 5 children can move in and live in the house that was bought and worked on by their precious father/husband!

As a teacher, sometimes you don't really even know what you'll be called to do. In the past week it's been clear to me that God placed these children in my life for a reason. I am so grateful to work and teach with such amazing people. 

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