Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My Mother's Day was PERFECT! My sweet husband and children made it so special! 

The Mr. woke up with the girls and I got to sleep in until 7:30!!!!! :) And I was brought coffee in bed! The best!

I was told to be ready by 9:30...I even had time to fix my hair! :) I would have loved to have gone to church but Tucker spread his pink eye to the girls. 

But my big surprise was brunch as my VERY favorite place in town! We got there in plenty of time to get our name in the list and didn't have to wait very long at all. 

The kids were SO good at brunch! Tuck got chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. I got the stuffed french toast and the Mr. got the seafood dish...he LOVED his. The food was so yummy...like always!

Then we headed home for nap time. We got some quick pics before putting the kiddos down. 

Tucker didn't want his picture taken...he wanted to sweep the driveway. I just laughed...he had been SO good all morning. :)

After naps...and I even got a little 15 min one in too...we played all afternoon!

When the girls went down for their second nap we took Tuck out to play in his pool for the first time this season. He LOVED it! He really enjoyed it last year, but he's super into it this year!

Then when the girls woke up I put them in bathing suits for the first time! :) 

 Olivia loved it and didn't mind the cold water. EK, liked being there and watching but wasn't a fan of the cold water!

M and J came over for a quick visit and took some of these pictures for us. :) 

We are thinking she is going to be a water baby like her Daddy and big brother!

That sweet face. 

I'm reminded over and over again just by looking at my three beautiful children how very blessed I am. Sometimes I wonder and get upset about things...but just as soon as I get upset I look at one of the three little people that depend on my love, support, trust and nurturing and know I'm doing exactly what God had planned for me. I know they are gifts from God and are lent to me from Him...and I'm not planning on ever taking that for granted! For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a mommy...and these three sweet babies have given me that job and I pray EVERY single day that I do the BEST job I possibly can. I know every day won't be perfect, but I really pray that my children NEVER question my love for them.  I want to make them laugh, challenge themselves, believe in themselves, teach them to love UNCONDITIONALLY, try new/hard things, and love and trust the Lord! I know by loving the Lord and trusting in Him is the best example that I can give my babies. My prayer is that I'm the best example they can have. 

Happy Mother's Day... I know mine was perfect because I was with the 4 people I love the most! 

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  1. I love ALL your Mother's Day pictures!! Looks like a great day!