Monday, May 12, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 35

Dear EK and O,

Daddy survived another week of taking care of you two and your brother! He does an excellent job with you!

You girls just love bath time because you take your baths in the regular tub more baby tubs!

Olivia, you love to play with Tuck...and don't even mind if he's kind of rough with you. :) 

GMama and Pa came in town for Daddy's graduation! 

EK you were giving Daddy LOTS of love on his graduation day!

And you two enjoyed having G and Pa here for the day too!

You girls are like your brother and LOVE books!

You two turned 8 months old this week!!! Slow down time!

Mommy took two days off work for all of Daddy's graduation stuff and I really enjoyed the extra time with my babies!

Saturday we went to the Farmers Market and you girls had a great time! 

EK you are SO silly and we think you know it! :) You were doing some crazy moves while drinking your bottle! 

I found this great recipe online for homemade teething biscuits! I made sweet potato ones and you girls LOVE them!

Mother's Day was Sunday and you girls helped make it so special with your brother and Daddy! :) 

You two girls, your brother and Daddy all took me to my FAVORITE place in town for Brunch! It was SO yummy and you all were zoo good!

I'm SO blessed to be you girls Mommy! :)

The rest of  Mother's Day was spent playing and you girls tried out the kiddy pool for the first time! O, you liked it. EK, you thought it was too cold! :)

What a wonderful week full of big events!

We love you sweet girls and are so glad you're apart of our lives!

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