Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Biggest Loser

Like I've said many many times...I work at the best place with some amazing people! 

One of our PE coaches suggested we do a Biggest Loser competition. So, beginning March 24th until today we did it in teams at school! We picked our teams and logged our points for working out. Every 15minutes=1point. 

We also were weighed on March 24th and our body fat percentage was taken. 

I also started Insanity on March 22nd. I did 5 solid weeks of it...and then I got super super sick. And was pretty sick for almost 3 weeks. 

But with doing Insanity and Zumba in 8 weeks I lost 5 lbs and 5% of my body fat. No, that's not a lot of weight but I'm more excited about my body fat percentage. It took me from being in the Fitness range to the Athletes range! 

I didn't change much in my diet because of nursing...I have to continue to consume a lot of calories but I did try to make better food decisions. 

But I was happy to see the scale say the numbers that I had before any babies...and I'm happy to see my body shaping back up....I still have areas that I'm not 100% happy with. I'm still working on my tummy that carried 2 babies at once! ha!

So, we will find out on Thursday which team wins... and it's not just who loses the most weight...it's fitness points and body fat % lost too! 

I just love that I work with such encouraging people! 

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