Friday, May 2, 2014

Strawberry Pickin'

We have a wonderful farm close by that does seasonal things like pumpkins, hayrides, and strawberries. We had talked about taking the kiddos this weekend to pick strawberries but then Wednesday I got an email from my dear friend J that the farm was having a special on Thursday. Because of the rain we had gotten the strawberries needed to be picked and if you picked 3 buckets you only had to pay for buy 2 get one free! WHOOP! 

We loaded up the kiddos when I got home from work and went to pick! 

Tuck enjoyed it! He still wasn't feeling 100% so he lasted a few minutes here and there. But they are so easy to pick that he didn't have trouble at all. 

The girls sat back and watched. :)

Of course we couldn't keep them out of T's mouth! 

We couldn't keep Olivia's hands out of the bucket! :) (I don't think they are supposed to have strawberries until they are year old so we didn't let her eat them.)

Tuck didn't want to take a pic with his sisters. 

What a fun simple afternoon! I love spending quality time with my sweet little (big!) family! 

And YUMMY those strawberries are awesome!

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