Monday, May 19, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 36

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

You girls are truly a blessing! To everyone in our family! You smile and laugh at the perfect times and fit into our family perfectly! 

We love how different you two are but how close you are! Livi, you're the more quiet one and very affectionate!  You love to touch our faces and hair and are more sensitive. EK, you are the social butterfly and love to play! Emma Kate for as social as you are, you do have to warm up to people you don't know well or haven't seen in a while. 

Bath time has become a highlight of the day for the whole family! 
You girls love playing in the water and have gotten really good about when I wash you hair and don't mind the water in your face/eyes. :) 

On Tuesday evening we saw the first of the sibling problems. ha! Emma Kate you were playing and splashing BIG time with your big brother. But Olivia, you didn't like the splashing at all. You got very upset in the bathtub. And you were even upset for a good 20 minutes after bath time. Mommy explained to you that you won't always like/want to do what your siblings are doing. And also with being the baby sometimes you might be left out. Your sister and brother weren't being mean to you but you just did NOT like what they were doing. 

You girls are still great eaters! You eat two pretty big meals a day. We may start doing 3 a day soon just because you girls enjoy eating and you're becoming more active! You girls love to eat Veggie Straws after your dinner. 

Sometimes you girls have to to take your bottle both do pretty well with it! :)

You girls really enjoy jumping in your jumpers!

EK, you love books! And you REALLY love your indestructible books because you can eat them!  ha!

Owie, you are really moving around now! You are trying to crawl but haven't gotten the forward motion. You can get around though! 

Mommy finished up her 5th year of teaching on Friday and you girls were so happy when I got home!

Saturday Aunt Cee, Daddy and TJH took you ladies to the Farmers Market and park while Mommy helped redo/complete a house for one of her students. You girls are still lovin' the swing!

Grandma R came on Saturday too for a visit! You girls were spoiled by Grandma R! 

All the fun with visitors wore you out EK!

Saturday night M and J babysat y'all so Daddy and Mommy could go to a friends 30th birthday party!

Sharing toys!

On Sunday, Honey came up for a visit! You girls enjoyed playing with her! She took us to eat and you girls did SO good! 

She helped feed y'all dinner, bath you and put you down! Whew! :) 

What a wonderful week! Summer is near! Mommy only has a few days of work and then she will be home with you girls for ya'll first summer!

We love you girls so very much!

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