Monday, January 20, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 20

Dear EK and O,

You girls are just filled with smiles and fun this week! 

Your Aunt Cee was with you girls during the day this week. She dressed you girls cute every day and put bows in your hair which Mommy LOVED! :)

We think you girls are starting to teeth...seems early. You girls constantly have your hands in your mouths. You both get fussy even if you're full and not tired. It hasn't been too bad but we think it's beginning. Your brother started teething around 4.5 months but didn't get his first tooth until he was 9 months we shall see what happens with you sweet girls. 

You girls were invited into T's tent this week for story time. Both of your love to watch him. And it's super cute when he knows he has both of your attentions because he will sometimes do silly things. :) You girls enjoyed sitting in the tent for a good while.

O, you LOVE bath time. You talk so much and kick while Mommy give you a bath. You do have very dry skin so we are trying to find the right products to help with that.

You girls are in a pretty good schedule. You're going to bed a little bit earlier this week. Your Aunt Cee is trying to get you girls to eat every 3 hours instead of 2-2.5 hours. We upped your ounces to 6oz per feeding so we will see if this helps.

Aunt Cee did a great job taking care of you girls this week! 

Mommy and Daddy left you girls for the first time...Daddy's best friend got married and Daddy was in the wedding. Cee and our neighbors J and M watched all three of you kiddos! :)

28 bottles for the weekend!

Daddy made this...this is TJH at 3 months and OCH at 4 months! WOW y'all look so much alike!

Aunt Cee was busy with EK so she had to do cute!

All three of Mommy's babies in the bed with Aunt Cee!

J did so good with you girls this weekend too! :) We are so blessed to have such wonderful people who will take care of you kiddos so Mommy and Daddy could go to the wedding! 

Sunday evening was filled with LOTS of snuggle time! We missed our girls so very much!

What a great week! Lots of love shown to you girls by everyone!

We love you sweet girls!


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  1. I LOVE the girls' weekly updates! I am obsessed with the tent pictures!!