Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy FOUR Months Emma Kate and Olivia!


Stats for EKH:
Weight: 10lbs 15.8oz (basically 11lbs!)---We haven't gotten her weight since 12/11...but I'm thinking closer to 13lbs now! :)
Height: 23 inches (as of 12/11)
Clothes: 3 months
Size of Diaper: Size 1...almost to a Size 2 
Daily Routine: Eating every 2-3 hours. You eat, play and then sleep.  You go to sleep between 6-7pm and usually sleep until sleep great and we figured out if we give you 6oz for your last bottle you sleep like a baby! :) 
Milestones: You had your first belly laugh just yesterday! :) You LOVE to kick, talk and coo! You are very active when you are awake. You enjoy the Bumbo and you ALWAYS talk to Olivia when we put you girls on the floor to play together or sit in your Bumbos together. And you always grab for Livi's hand and turn and look at her. You have started to drool a little bit. You are COLIC FREE! :) We love to call you: EK, Emmy Cake, Pretty Princess and of course Tucker calls you Emma!

Stats for OCH: 
Weight: 12lbs 12.9oz--as of 12/11...I think she is close to 14lbs now! 
Height: 23 1/4 inches (as of 12/11)
Clothes: 3 months 
Size of Diaper: Size 2
Daily Routine: You nurse/get a bottle every 3-4 hours during the day. You sleep 12-13 hours each night and take great naps during the day. One of your naps is getting longer...I'm sure you'll be doing two long naps soon.
Milestones: You are starting to kick and move around more during playtime. You LOVE to watch Tucker play and run around you. You are not a fan of prefer to nurse...and you get pretty upset when you've been able to nurse and then you have to take a bottle while Mommy is at work. You ALWAYS have your hands in your mouth and are drooling a lot too. You are still spitting up a lot. You are such a sweet cuddler. :) We love to call you: Livi Cay, Liv, Livi Pie and Olivia Chub Cay( that's actually a place in the Bahamas!).

Sweet sweet girls,
You have grown so much in the past month! I can't believe how active you are becoming and settling into your routine. You started to be kept by family and our sweet nanny while Mommy works and Daddy student teaches. You love your big brother so much and all three of you really connect in the sweetest way. You girls had a wonderful first Christmas and really enjoyed all the holiday fun! We love you girls so very much and can't believe how much joy you bring to all of our lives!


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