Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow 2014

Tuesday brought snow for us! WHOOP! The Mr. and I left 1/2 day for work and headed home.

It was so pretty falling so fast on Tuesday afternoon. It snowed all afternoon and night. We enjoyed playing in the snow, cooking a yummy dinner with our neighbors and Aunt B and watching a movie!

Tucker loved being outside in the snow. He didn't like touching it. But he did enjoy sledding! So glad he was able to enjoy his very first snow! This was the girls first snow too but we kept them inside and warm! 

M played with us in the snow! :) As a Florida girl, she isn't used to all of this! ha! 

We didn't have school on Wednesday so we did a lot of resting, eating and playing in the snow again!

We brought in some snow for Tucker to eat and play with! :)

We went in 2 hours later on Thursday. It was a fun little snow break!

But, I know it wasn't so much fun for many of my friends and tons of people in ATL. Still praying for all of these people. 

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  1. Tucker's snow outfit is so so cute!!! I love how he brings snow inside! Too funny.