Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sweet E!

As you know the Mr. is student teaching this semester...this is super exciting...almost to the end of grad school for him! WHOOP!

Well, this meant that we needed childcare for our children. At first this REALLY stressed me out. But after a lot of praying and talking things out we figured it all out. We have a family member coming each week. Which is a HUGE blessing but we knew it would be tough for them to juggle all three. The Mr. and I can do it, but they are our kiddos and we seriously have said that God equipped us for this job. We knew we needed more help and support.

And we wanted someone that really focus on TJH. He's at such a fun age and we wanted his energy worked with in the best way. So, our solution was to find someone to come a the morning hours to be with TJH. Well, we couldn't have found a more PERFECT person for this job! 

My dear friend K who I work with and adore has a younger sister. E watched TJH a few times when he was younger, but we have known E for a while because of K. She just graduated from UGA in December and it just worked out that she could be that person for us. She comes everyday and my heart and head are so calm now. She is seriously an angel. Tuck LOVES her. She is perfect for our family! 

E has a tough job too because she is the consistent person and will be working with a different family member each week, but she has handled it with such grace. She is so helpful to them. But what I love the most is that Tucker loves her and lights up when we ask about his day with E! 

It gives me so much peace that all my babies are being taken care of by such wonderful people. We are truly blessed. We don't take anyone that helps us for granted! 

Sweet picture that E sent me one morning this week. They were on a morning stroll! :)

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  1. You are too sweet! T and E are a perfect match! :)