Monday, January 27, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 21

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia Cay,

The week started out so great! Mommy and Daddy were both off of school. We went the park and did a mini hike! You girls LOVED being outside on the warm day in January. Olivia you hiked with Mommy and EK you hiked with Daddy. Both of you loved it and loved looking around. Livi you fell asleep about half way through. EK you fell asleep as soon as we got int he car to go home. 

Aunt Cee came back for another week of keeping you girls while Mommy and Daddy were at work.

EK you love blowing's precious! Olivia, you keep watching Mommy's lips and try to do the same's cute to see you thinking so hard. :)

Tucker now says "Emma Kate" and says "Livi" for yalls names! It's so cute!

Thursday was exactly a year ago since we found out we were pregnant! We wouldn't know for another month there were two of you! :)

Aunt Cee took this picture. :)

Friday, you girls went for your "4 month well-check" even though you are almost 5 months old.
Emma Kate weighted in at: 13lbs 7oz 23.5inches
Olivia you weighted in at: 15lbs  4oz 24.5inches
EK you are in the 30%tile for your weight and Olivia you are in the 60%tile for your weight.
Dr. G was very happy with both of you! And EK, great X-rays of your hips! Since you were breech they said we might have to do X-rays at 4 months...but your hips are perfect!!
And you girls each got 2 shots and were SO brave!! Mommy was alone at the apportionment and you girls did great!

Saturday we played and you girls tried rice cereal for the first time! It was so cute and we didn't get any crazy faces out of the two of you! :)

EK the shirt you have on is a special one! Mommy and Daddy bought this shirt about 2 years before we had any children...we loved that it said "Little Ham" perfect to go along with our last name. Tucker wore it too! ;)

EK you loved helping Mommy unload the dishwasher!

Sunday we didn't go to church because Mommy and Daddy have head colds but we played at home and got ready for Aunt B to arrive! :)

You girls tried the exerciser for the first time too and you both seemed to enjoy it! We had to put a pillow under your feed because yall can't reach yet. Tucker LOVED playing with yall in it...he was great at showing you girls how all the toys worked! :)

We think the rice cereal bothered you Sunday evening. It took both of you a while to get to sleep and your tummys seemed to be bothering you. We will give it a couple more tries and it it continues to bother you we will change cereals.

What a big week! You girls are just growing too fast and I pray everyday that time will slow down!

We love you!
love, Mommy

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  1. I loooove the picture of you holding both girls are feeding EK. So precious!