Monday, January 6, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 18

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

We ended 2013 together and brought in 2014 with you sweet girls!

We headed home from a wonderful trip to PTC on Monday. You girls were so tired from all the fun! 

You girls LOVE your Daddy so much! When we got home you girls had some play time with Daddy. 

Tuesday was New Years girls were asleep by 7pm. :) But we did go shopping earlier that day. EK, you LOVE to shop and smiled the whole time. Olivia, you wanted Mommy to hold you and got so mad that you ended up with all of your clothes off and BIG tears!
All ready to go shopping! :) 

You didn't want to shop, nurse, or ride in the car. 

You finally calmed down and nursed when we got home. 

Daddy put your hood up EK and you looked SO cute! :)

This was right before bed...Mommy joked that you had too much fun too early on New Years Eve! :) Just joking!
You girls woke up on New Years Day so happy it was 2014! :) 

C, WRG and ABG came for a fun play visit!

Olivia, you had the same outfit on as your sister but you had an explosion so you had a mid day change! :)

Not to happy about the photo shoot! 

Later in the day Aunt Dall came for a visit! :)

O, you fell right asleep in her arms! :)

EK, wearing a cute outfit for the new year!

Thursday was Mommy's last day of Christmas break! We let Daddy sleep in and we all played downstairs!

Your big brother Tucker played with you girls for a long time on the table while Mommy fixed breakfast and unloaded the dishwasher. Of course Mommy watched the whole time to make sure TJH didn't fall! 

Friday Mommy went back to work. :( And it was Daddy's last day keeping you girls. 

LOVE that sweet smile! 

Livi, you weren't very happy in the morning that Mommy was gone, but you had a better day! 

When Mommy got home we all played! And you girls were all smiles! :)

Saturday was spent at home and playing! You girls are really starting to "talk" to each other and you always grab each others's so sweet!

Sunday was the first time you girls went to chuch! :) You both did great! We didn't want to take you girls when EK was still having colic problems. But you girls didn't cry once while in the nursery! :)

Then later in the afternoon Aunt J came! She is staying with us for the week because Daddy starts student teaching on Monday!

What a great start of 2014 with you two sweet baby girls!

I feel like you girls have grown so much in the past two weeks! You are getting bigger, stronger and sweeter(didn't even know that was possible!)!

We love you girls so very much!

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