Friday, January 17, 2014

T's Vocabulary...well some of it :)

Tucker is talking so much more now. It's the sweetest sound ever!

I love his little vocabulary! 

Some of my favorite things he says are:

"O"--we think he says this instead of yes. 
"Mommy"-he used to just say Mama...which I LOVED, but he sounds like a big boy saying Mommy!
"Two"-The Mr. taught him how to say two even though we are 2.5 weeks away from his 2nd birthday. 
"Emma"-sweetest sound to hear him say his sisters name
"Ludge you"- Love you and he's almost got the sign's a hard one! :)
"See you"-See you later...he says then when he says goodbye to people
"Jelly-B"-peanut butter and of his favorite foods
"Dawg"-dog...and we didn't teach him to say it like that because we are UGA grads...ha! :)
"Amen"-he's so good about reminding us at dinner it's time to pray by putting his hands together to pray and saying Amen...then we pray and then he loves to say Amen again! The Mr. and I are so amazed that such a little person can remind us that we need to be in prayer way more often. 
"George"-Curious George...his favorite character 

These are just a few of his all of them and the way he communicates with us! Can my little boy slow down now...he will be my baby forever!

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