Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hiking in January!

Monday we had no school and it was BEAUTIFUL outside!! M suggested we go for a hike! I LOVED the idea!! So we loaded up all the kiddos and M loaded up her kiddos(doggies!) and we headed to the park! We did a little hike on a trail and TJH LOVED it!!! He would walk some and J would carry him some! The girls LOVED being carried in the fresh air! 

Daddy and EK!

Mama and O

Flik is the BEST dog...he lets TJH walk him!

Started our hike! 

The trail is a good length but we just did a quick little loop...we are starting small and hopefully TJH will be able to do longer trails later. 

The pups running through the creek. 

Not a fan of the dirt on his hands...he better like it soon for the beach! ha!

Sweet boy!

The Mr. offering TJH a hiking stick...he didn't think he needed one! :)

One of T's favorite people 

Loved spending time with  my sweet family and our friends on our day off of school. 

Such special people to us! 

Checking out the water. 

All of the outdoor fun wore EK out...she fell asleep as soon as we started driving home.

What a fun and simple day! So thankful for these sweet times with my family and our dear friends! We will be hiking a lot more when this awful cold weather goes away! 

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