Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sickness Stinks!

UGH! We can't catch a break! All three kiddos had strep a month ago and Olivia was sick last week and now Tucker is sick. :(

The Mr. took 1/2 day last Thursday to be home with OCH...our old neighbor and best friend M came and stayed the morning with her. And then I was home with her on Friday. So, when TJH spiked a high fever Sunday night before bed we knew both of us couldn't be out Monday. So GMama came to the rescue! 

She took TJH to the doc for us yesterday...he has an upper respiratory viral infection...similar to what Olivia I had I guess...not sure. He has a super high fever and awful cough. Olivia had running eyes and simi high fever. Who knows?!?! Just praying that EK does NOT get it!! 

The Mr. is home with TJH today because his fever was still super high yesterday afternoon.

The girls and TJH LOVE the magnetic naivety that GMama brought for them! 

And of course bedtime stories from GMama! 

Just ready for all my babies to feel better!!! 

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