Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10 Years of Santa!

10 years ago me and my three best friends thought we would go see Santa! We thought why not? It will be fun! After we did it we decided to do it every year. Who knew that 10 years later we would still be going to see Santa and even better bringing our precious babies with us! 

We were supposed to go see Santa on Sunday the 13th but that's when Olivia was admitted to the hospital. We rescheduled for the 22nd! It was great! It was a Tuesday...we were all out of school and didn't have to rush anywhere!

The line for Santa was SUPER short! 

The FOUR best friends a girl could ever have!!

What is looks like while we take pictures! ha! 

Look at this little FOUR!! Love them!

We haven't ever added the Pink Pig into our plans but we did this year! The total wait time in line was 2 hours but we made it work and the kids LOVED riding it! 

The kids really enjoyed the doesn't last long but they still loved it!

We got to them mall earlier then the rest of the crew to do our family Santa pictures! 

Mama joined in on the fun too! 

The kids went right up to Santa and gave high fives but then Olivia got scared and cried while in Santa's lap! 

But when GMama got in things got better for Olivia! 

We thought for sure that EK would be the one who cried but she LOVED Santa! 

After Santa and the Pink Pig we all went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch! While we waited for Santa we opened presents! 

Everyone who walked by had big eyes...we just smiled and carried on! 

10 year anniversary! With 10 people and one on the way!

How it all started...with these four ladies! Goodness, I LOVE this tradition!!! 
Can't wait for next year already!!

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