Saturday, December 5, 2015

First Week of December

It's been a pretty good week! Expect for OCH being sick. 

Silly boy fell in while feeding the dogs! 

We got the tree Sunday but got lights on by Tuesday and of course the star!! 

We still need to do ornaments but we want to do it as a family! 

Wednesday when I went to pick up the kids Olivia was at the front desk having her temp checked. She had a 101.8 fever. :( We headed to Urgent Care and figured out she has a Upper Respiratory Infection. 

She couldn't go back to school on Thursday and we didn't find out until about 7:30pm and it was too late for the Mr. or I do do sub plans so we called M. She was a lifesaver and came to take care of Livi in the morning for us! And then the Mr. took a 1/2 day in the afternoon and kept her. 

Her fever still had not dropped by Thursday afternoon. So I put in for a sub for Friday. I had a late night of work Thursday night so the Mr. bought the Minion movie for the kids to watch! :)

Friday morning Livi didn't wake up with a fever but still was kind of slow and needed more time at home! I enjoyed the one-on-one time with her! And while she napped I got my weekend chores done early! :)

Needless to say we are over the sickness!! Praying we are all well soon so we can enjoy the Christmas season together! 

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