Saturday, December 19, 2015

Livi in the Hospital!

Olivia had a stay in the hospital and it was pretty scary for a little bit but we are happy to report she is MUCH better!

It all started at the beginning of December...I went to pick up the kids from school and they said Olivia had a high fever. I took her to urgent care that evening and they said she had an upper respiratory infection. She was put on a Z pack and given some cough syrup. We finished the meds and could tell a little difference...but by the following week she was still sick...and had a high fever again. I took her and EK to their doc and they both had an ear infection in their right ears. They were put on antibiiotics and her doc said she should be fever free by Saturday morning.

Saturday she still had a fever all day and slept most of the day. I thought she might finally break the fever that night and was so sad when we woke up on Sunday morning she still had a very high fever. We were supposed to go see Santa that day too so I was sad we couldn't see Santa. But I knew she was still so sick and it wouldn't be good to try to take her. Then about an hour after she woke up she started to have bad diarrhea and I started to get extremely worried. She had not eaten since Wednesday. I called the nurse hotline for our doc and talked to the nurse. She had the doc on call call me...and the doc said she probably needed fluids so I should take her to the ER because Urgent Care doesn't have fluids. 
We got to the ER at about 9:30am and they began to try to figure out what was going on. They did a chest x-ray, took blood, took urine and all kind of other stuff. 

She fell asleep while we waited for results...

We found out she had bilateral pneumonia and RSV and was dehydrated. :(

We waited for the docs to make a decision of what was going to happen next. 

I got a little smile out of her while we waited! 

They decided to admit her and keep her at the hospital we were at. There was talk of us going to CHOA in Atlanta...and looking back I kind of wish they had sent us...only because the respiratory department doesn't specialize in kids at the hospital we were in. 

Here fever was super high still and she HATED the oxygen tube in her nose. 

We got into our room about 3pm...

Not too happy but still being a super good girl! 

She would have super calm moments and then she would kind of loose it. It was pretty sad. 

At one point this was this was the only place that kept her calm. 

I ordered her dinner but she wasn't really into the food but she didn't want me to move it...

Sunday night was pretty awful during the night because they came in a lot for different stuff. She really hated the breathing treatments. I had to basically pin her down and she would scream bloody murder the whole time. 

When we got up Monday morning she was still not feeling well...and I was getting worried because I had not seen much improvement. 

I ordred her breakfast and it as the first time she had eaten in 6 days!! She ate 1/2 a bowl of cereal and some bacon(her favorite!). 

I ordered cereal again at lunch and she ate more! YAY! 

On Monday at about 1pm they were finally able to take her off the oxygen. Which was a great sign!! 

By Monday afternoon she was starting to perk up a little. We had a couple of visitors. And I was able to wash my hair(in the sink because the hot water didn't work in the shower!ha!) while M sat with her. Our friend K and her son LMan brought a very sweet goody bag for us and Livi LOVED it! 

And Daddy came after work before going to get T and EK!! YAY!

Monday evening her oxygen levels started to drop again so she was put back on oxygen. Thankfully it was just for a couple of hours. Her doc wanted her off the oxygen for a good while before going home. 

Monday night was so much better for her! She slept most of the night and did not cry once while doing her breathing treatments! 

We ate breakfast and waited for her doc to come by. And he said we could go home! We would just need to continue breathing treatments at home. 

Little snooze while we waited to be discharged. 

WHOOP! We were out of the hospital by 12 on Tuesday! We are SO thankful our visit wasn't too long and that our baby girl was on the road to recovery. She was such a trooper the whole time. 

And we have THE best family and friends!

We had meals delivered for 3 days after we arrived home. We had family come and stay with Olivia for the rest of the week so she could fully recover at home. We had many phone calls and text and TONS and TONS of prayers for our sweet girl! 

Now, if we can stay healthy so we can enjoy Christmas as a family at home!

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