Friday, December 11, 2015

Another week of sickness...

Just when we thought Tucker and Olivia might be getting better things got worse! 

Tuesday was okay for the girls...they both went to school and after school we met two of my very good friends for dinner! 

The Mr. stayed home Tuesday with Tucker and I brought him home treats from our dinner! 

His fever finally broke Tuesday so we thought he would be good to go back to school on Wednesday.
He didn't have a fever Wednesday morning so I took all three to school. Well, at 9:30am they called and said his fever was almost 103. I made an apt for our pedi and took him that afternoon. He had a double ear infection and the scariest part...his right lung didn't sound good. So his doc gave him a shot of antibiotics. It was a painful shot and he couldn't walk for a couple of hours. We went and got his meds and then went to pick up the girls. Well when we got there they said Emma Kate had a temp of  101. :(

So on Thursday M came and kept EK and TJH and I took Livi Cay to school. Well, I got a call at 11:30 right before I was going to leave for 1/2 day to come home to relive M, that Olivia now had a 101 fever. 

I had made EK an apt for Thursday afternoon so I called and asked if they could add Olivia. 

So I took both to the doc on Thursday afternoon and they both have an ear infection in their right sad. 

I'm so glad they had smiles even though they were pretty sick. 

My sweet sister LK came today to take care of all three...we are so thankful for her! The kids loved having her here to cuddle with! 

We are praying we are all well by Sunday morning!!! We have a big guy in a red suit to visit!!

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