Friday, December 4, 2015

Elf on the Shelf: Hammar Kids Edition

Boy, has it been a fun week with our Elf on the Shelf! 

I've done if for 6 years in my classroom and have loved the excitement and fun it is with my students. We tried for the past two years to do it with TJH with the plush Elf on the Shelf we have but he was never into it. I think it was because of his age. But, I knew this year would be PERFECT! And I was really excited about it for Tucker but the girls are obsessed just like TJH! :) 

Our Elf comes on December 1st! Y'all know I always decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving but that's because we are always out of town the whole week of Thanksgiving so when we return I like it to be all Christmas ready for us! But the real Christmas fun starts on December 1st!

The Elf served the kids breakfast in Christmas style! Yes, those are donuts! YUM! 

This was Tuesday and Tuck was excited but still didn't really get it all. He asked a million questions on our way to school that morning. How does the Elf see in the dark to get to our house? Santa really sent him just for us? It was SO cute! And also we talked about what his name was going to be. Tucker said he wanted to think about it while he was at school!

Tuesday evening our Elf had a name...Krispy! Yes, like Krispy Kreme...we LOVE donuts over here! 

Wednesday morning! We had put on the Christmas lights on the tree the night before so this was perfect! 

Also, the Mr. has been SOO creative with these so far!!! 

Thursday morning:

Friday morning:
I don't have the best picture of this one but Krispy has taken ribbon and tied it from where the stove is all the way through the kitchen and into the breakfast nook! One end was tied to the bananas and the other end was with him! :) 

It's going to be a fun month with Krispy in our house! :) I'll do a weekly post with all of Krispy's shenanigans! 

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