Monday, December 21, 2015

Almost Christmas Break!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty crazy for our family...

The Mr. woke up at 3am on Tuesday with a lot of pain and sickness...he later passed 2 kidney stones. Me and Olivia came home Tuesday afternoon from the hospital. 

Wednesday everyone was back at school expect Olivia. GMama came and stayed with Olivia. 

I got some awesome snowmen earrings from a student. :) 

Finished up the kids gifts for their cards for Chick-fil-A with a Rudolph! 

Thursday my mom kept Olivia for us! 

Friday my sister K kept Olivia for 1/2 day and then the Mr. came home early. But these kiddos were so excited about their parties at school! 

I got a lot of love from my students...super sweet gifts!

Friday night we came home and played and the kids decorated some cookies! 

I went and picked up Mexican take out for us and we had a nice evening at home. 

So THANKFUL for 2 weeks with my family! 

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