Sunday, December 13, 2015

My 31st!

I turned 31 on Friday! It was a great day! Expect for all three of my babies being sick. But they were home with my baby sister who I knew would spoil them with cuddles and take great care of them all day while the Mr. and I were at work! :) 

My students spoiled me as soon as they arrived! Lots of handmade cards(which are the BEST!) and a couple of really nice gifts! O, and Godiva chocolate! YUM! My coworkers gave me a card and Chick-fil-A gift card too. 

I came home to handmade cards from my babies! :) And a card from the Mr. saying we were going on a date/adventure for my birthday! LK kept the babies for us even after the long day she had with them. We helped get them prepped for bed and then we were on our way! 

I had no idea where we were going but I was excited! Things got crazy at home so we left way later than planned so we had to pick up fast food on the way or we were going to be late. It worked out anyway...ha! :) Taco of my favorites! 

Then we arrived at our destination! ARTini's! SO fun! 

We did one of these when I was pregnant with Tucker for my birthday! We painted The Grinch! But this year we painted something different but so US! :) 


Our finished products!! 

And when we got home this little girl gave my some birthday love! :) 

It was a great day! I am so blessed to have such great friends and family! 

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