Monday, December 7, 2015

Low Key December Weekend

Our weekend was low key and fun!
We stayed at home a lot. With Olivia getting better and the Mr. gone most of Saturday it was best to stay home!

The kiddos still get up super early on the weekends because they are so used to it during the week. They got up at 5am on Saturday morning. 

By 8:30 it was time for something to do! Donut run! 

It warmed up after naps on Saturday and the girls ate lunch outside!

We've had our tree since last Sunday but didn't get it decorated until this Sunday! ha!

And we think we've decided that Santa is going to leave toys and take all passys!

The kiddos love this tree at church so we took a picture with it today!

This girl was snapping on the way home and it was too cute!

Twins maybe? Me and EK at the same age. 

The girls helped me put the ornaments on! 

We got our jammies on and took the kids to see the lights downtown in our little town. They love Christmas lights! 

It was a good weekend! Next weekend is super busy so it was good to have some down time. :) 

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