Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What we've been up to this week:

Our week started out so sweet...I got to meet one of my very dear friend's baby boy! He's PRECIOUS!!!! I taught with B for 6 years at my old school and she is a precious friend. K and I were SO happy to take her dinner! 

Miss my JJH friends for sure!

He was so alert and happy when were there! 

B is doing such a wonderful job! We knew she would be an amazing mama! :)

We've had lots of rain this week! And big storms!! 
After dinner we played in the rain for a little bit...there was so lighting so we thought it was okay...well after a few minutes a HUGE bolt of lighting struck something two houses down. It was super scary so we ran inside! 

We got all ready for bed and these girls were super tired! EK was past tired! ha! 

Today was picture day at school! I just love to see what the kiddos wear for their pictures! 

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