Saturday, August 15, 2015

Car and Chick-fil-A

Thursday evening was busy!

The transmission went out on our Expedition last Friday...I made it to work that morning but couldn't make it home. The Mr. had to get the kiddos and then come to my school and drive it broke down a few times on the way but he got it home.  So, we have just had one car this week. It hasn't been too bad. But we got our car Thursday after school! 

Since we were out getting the car there was no way we would make it home and able to cook dinner before the kids melted down. So, it was a Chick-fil-A night!

We played first because the Mr. was still doing stuff with the car. 

EK was very serious about her BBQ sauce...she is just like her Daddy! :) 

Chick-fil-A family selfie!
 Thankful for a fixed car and a great place to eat dinner as a family! 

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