Monday, August 10, 2015

Selfie and Scooter Sunday!

We had a fun day at home yesterday! The weather was awesome early in the morning! The kiddos woke up early so we headed outside after some chocolate chip waffles! 

We were all playing outside together and then all of the sudden while TJH was riding his scooter he fell. He hit his head pretty hard not he road...and he even had his helmet on. :( 

HUGE bump. He was so brave! We kept a close eye on him the rest of the day. 

Weekend naps were way more successful this weekend! :) These two even napped together! I love it when I catch them sleeping them together! 

Daddy and Tuck did the grocery shopping this week so us girls cleaned up the house and then snuggled on the couch! 

Our evening was spent eating a yummy dinner together, baths and meal prepping! :) 

Here's to a great 2nd week of school!!!

And TJH's first day of PRESCHOOL today! Pictures to come later!!

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