Monday, August 24, 2015

No Plans? That's the BEST!

Our weekend with no plans ended up being wonderful! I love how that happens! 

Friday nights are great for us...we are all together for the weekend and we love to eat a quick dinner and then play before an early bedtime because everyone is exhausted! That's exactly what we did this Friday night! 

We had two weekend pup guests! Lilo and Flik came to stay while their mommy and daddy went out of town! We loved having them with us! 

Especially this guy!

Saturday afternoon G and Pa came! 

While G's curlers cooled she did a puzzle with the kiddos! 

They had a wedding to attend in Athens so they made a weekend out of it and came to see us! 

They clean up nice! 

Tuck wanted in on the pictures too!:) 

After they left we did some pool time in the front yard! 

I had to run to the Dollar General Market for something and look what I found! My favorite Fall candy! (I have seasonal favorite for candy!) This will be the first of many bags! And remember I don't eat the white part! ha! 

I know they missed their mommy and daddy but I loved the extra cuddles! 

Sunday morning the Mr. made a big breakfast for all of us! And I'm so sad I didn't get a picture by my dear friend/sorority sister V stopped by! Her sister just moved into this area too and so she stopped by on her way out of town! We LOVED seeing her! Can't wait for our family sleepover soon! 

T and I went grocery shopping with Pa! And the girls and the Mr. stayed home. 

This sweet girl loved that TJH took his Sunday afternoon nap in our big bed so she could cuddle too! 

We had a wonderful weekend together...and that's my favorite part...together! 

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