Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Anniversary Date Night

The Mr. and I celebrated 7 years of marriage on Sunday! Our dear friends and now old neighbors text us earlier last week and told us to let them know when they were needed so we could go out and celebrate...isn't that the sweetest!?!?! They remembered our anniversary and wanted to watch our babies for us! :) So, we went out Saturday night!

J and M came over a little early so we could catch up! We were all so excited to see them! Even our pups! 

The Mr. and I headed out and they all stayed back and played! But of course I got M to take a picture before we left! 

Car selfie!

We went to dinner at our very favorite sushi place...Shokitini! We got to eat dinner at a slow pace and talk the entire time! SO nice!

Then we headed to see Trainwreck...such a funny movie!! It was the perfect night together!

And back home these kiddos had a blast with M and J!

What fun night for all! :) 

So thankful for such good friends and of course my good looking husband! :) 

Thanks to our friends and the Mr's family for wishing us a Happy Anniversary! 

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